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Projects 29 Nov 2017

Faubourg Contrecœur has all the answers to future parents’ concerns

When a couple is expecting a child, two questions come to mind: “Where to give birth? And “In which daycare centre can I enroll my child?” Future parents living in Faubourg Contrecœur can jump for joy, because two major projects will add answer choices for these questions. Indeed, while the construction of the CPE Bilbo has just begun, the building of a birthing centre at the corner of Sherbrooke and De Contrecœur streets has been announced.

The construction of the CPE Bilbo, which is scheduled to open in June 2018, is underway. It is located directly opposite the sales office of the Accès Condos accredited project, Faubourg Contrecœur phase 5. The two-storey CPE will welcome a total of 130 children, including ten infants. It will feature three small courtyards, equipped according to the age of the children who will also benefit from the beautiful Carlos D’Alcantara Park, which is adjacent to the new facilities.

In parallel, the building of a fourth birthing centre in Montréal, a resource sought by Montrealers for many years, has also been announced. It will be located next to the Mercier-Est CLSC. In total, some 10 midwives will be hired, enabling the monitoring of about 400 births per year. Integrated directly into the Est-de-l’île-de-Montréal CIUSSS, the future birthing centre will allow women in the sector to give birth with the assistance of a midwife at home, in one of the centre’s four rooms, or at Maisonneuve-Rosemont hospital.

So, are you still looking for the perfect place to install your future family?