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Program 28 Jun 2018


With the H3C, the address of families and first-time buyers, Accès Condos is accrediting, for the very first time, an affordable condo project in an area in high demand—Griffintown—with the clear objective of encouraging families and first-time buyers who want to stay in Montréal.

Out of concern for fairness and to limit the risks of speculation, the SHDM has decided to customize the Accès Condos program with a unique, exclusive option, and to offer a customized purchasing process.


An exclusive option for an outstanding project

The exclusive option of the Accès Condos program that will apply this fall to the sale of the units in the H3C project, THE ADDRESS OF FAMILIES AND FIRST-TIME BUYERS, will consist of:

  1. An increase in the purchase credit to 15%. In this way, despite the higher prices in central neighbourhoods, Montrealers will benefit from an even more advantageous financial tool to buy a home.
  2. Priority reservation of units for families and first-time buyers. Accès Condos is encouraging families and first-time buyers to settle in Griffintown and is also promoting a positive mix. Such diversity in terms of clientele will contribute to the vitality and quality of life in the neighbourhood.
  3. To truly meet Accès Condos’ target clientele and to avoid attracting speculators interested in a quick resale, a financial incentive to keep the condo for at least five years is included. In other words, the resale conditions will be more advantageous starting in the 6th year of ownership.

More information on the exclusive option may be found in the Program section, under Exclusive option.


A customized purchasing process

In view of the eligibility criteria specifically for this exclusive option of Accès Condos and the attractiveness of the neighbourhood where the H3C project is located, the process for purchasing these condo units has been specially customized.

Instead of rushing to the sales office and lining up for hours to be among the first to reserve your unit, all you have to do is register on the Internet by filling out an online form.

Your registration, recorded at a specific date and time, will confirm that you meet the project eligibility criteria and will provide all the necessary information for the sales team to make an appointment with you, on a first-come, first-served basis, to reserve your unit.

The URL address, date and time for submitting the completed form online will be announced in mid-September in our newsletter.

Are you interested in the project?
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