The Accès Condos program is an efficient, effective financial tool that makes it easier to buy a quality condo (divided co-ownership or condominium) at an affordable price in Montréal.

You have to pay a deposit of only $1,000 and the SHDM will advance you a percentage of the sale price of the Accès Condos accredited unit; that percentage amount can then be applied to the down payment.

The program is mainly offered under the Standard Option. Sometimes it’s adapted for specific projects under the Exclusive Options.

Am I eligible?

Am I eligible?

Depending on whether the buyer opts for the standard option of the program or its exclusive option, different criteria and conditions apply. In both cases, the buyer must qualify for a mortgage loan.

The buyer also agrees to comply with three conditions:

  1. To purchase the property in order to live there
  2. To sign the Accès Condos agreement entitling the buyer to the purchase credit
  3. Not to benefit simultaneously from more than one Accès Condos agreement

When does the Accès Condos agreement end?

  • When you resell your property
  • At the end of the initial amortization period of the mortgage loan
  • In the event of an increase in your mortgage loan
  • If and when you rent your property
  • Upon repayment of the purchase credit, if you so decide

The end of your Accès Condos agreement implies that you repay all amounts owing to the SHDM. If you already own an Accès Condos accredited unit and have questions about your agreement, we invite you to consult the SHDM website section dedicated to your situation.

When does the Accès Condos agreement end?<

This option applies to the vast majority of Accès Condos accredited projects. It includes a purchase credit of 10% and is accessible to everyone, first-time buyers or existing owners.

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Standard option

Sometimes, the Accès Condos program is adapted for specific projects. The exclusive options are aimed to answer precisely to the challenges of a particular project, to limit the risks of real estate speculation and to truly meet the Accès Condos’ target clientele.

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Exclusive options