Sometimes, the Accès Condos program is adapted for specific projects.

The exclusive options are aimed to answer precisely to the challenges of a particular project, to limit the risks of real estate speculation and to truly meet the Accès Condos’ target clientele.

The H3C Exclusive Option

This option was specially developed for the condo project H3C, an address tailored for families and first-time buyers, located in the heart of Griffintown. It aimed to limit the risks of real estate speculation, while offering an even more attractive opportunity for families and first-time buyers, who are the focus of the Accès Condos program. This exclusive option therefore consisted of eligibility criteria, a 15% purchase credit to reduce the buyer’s down payment to $1,000 and conditions on resale.

IN BRIEF: H3C Exclusive option = eligibility criteria + 15% purchase credit + resale conditions

The H3C Exclusive Option<

How does the H3C exclusive option work? Here is an example.

You buy an accredited Accès Condos unit under the exclusive option valued at $250,000
  • Purchase price:
  • Purchase credit under the exclusive option - 15%:
    - $37,500
  • Minimum contribution from the buyer:
    - $1,000
  • Amount of your mortgage:
    = $211,500
5 years later*, you resell your condo at the price of $300,000
  • Increased value of your unit (Sales price minus purchase price):
  • 15% of the increased value to reimburse:
  • Exclusive option purchase credit to reimburse:
    + $37,500
  • Total reimbursement to the SHDM:
    = $45,000
*Starting in the 6th year of ownership A year of ownership corresponds to a period of 365 days calculated from the date of signature of the notarial act (deed of sale).
Remaining equity after resale 5 years later
  • Sale price:
  • Total reimbursement to the SHDM:
    - $45,000
  • Mortgage balance at time of resale**:
  • Remaining equity after resale:
    = $77,000
*Mortgage balance based on a mortgage with a 4% interest rate and a 25 years amortization period.