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Projects 11 Oct 2012

Launching – Alinéa, a pioneering real estate project at the gateway to the city

Thanks to the Accès Condos program, 108 affordable and quality condominiums will be offered in a growing sector of Montréal, at the corner of Pie-IX and Industriel boulevards.

After having recently successfully launched the MN real estate project, the Société d’habitation et de développement de Montréal (SHDM), through its Accès Condos home ownership program, once again energizes the Montreal-Nord borough, this time with the ALINÉA residential complex.

Professionals, couples, singles or families who choose ALINÉA will be opting to live in the heart of a brand-new urban design concept that is largely based on the TOD approach (Transit Oriented Development), where pedestrians, user-friendliness, the environment and the use of public infrastructure and services are prioritized made the priority.

A well thought-out lifestyle
“What will make ALINÉA distinctive will be its innovative architecture, as well as the urban lifestyle if offers, one that is firmly founded on active and public transportation,” said Johanne Goulet, Executive Director of the SHDM.” At the crossroads of several current and future public transportation routes, close to three Communauto parking stations and an expanding bicycle path network, ALINÉA also will also offer DUO auto + bus cards to the first 36 buyers who take possession of a unit without parking. This is a winning combination that gives privileged access to this car-sharing service, as well as to 12 consecutive monthly public transit passes. “ALINÉA’s residents will be able to quickly and easily access their workplaces without having to cross a bridge, while enjoying close proximity to a variety of shops within a five-minute walk,” says Ms. Goulet.

Different major and sustainable projects are underway in the western portion of the Montreal-Nord borough. First, the redevelopment of the Henri-Bourassa/Pie-IX crossroads is the cornerstone of the urban revitalization that has been undertaken in the area. The north entrance of the borough, where more than $54 million will be invested, will be characterized by a mass greening of three public places to make it a pleasant and pedestrian-friendly location. The requalification of Pie-IX, in turn, will enable the development of a public transport hub and of a multifunctional living environment. Finally, the imminent arrival of the Train de l’Est and its two Montréal-Nord stations, as well as the implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT) will increase the value of ALINÉA’s units. This residential and commercial complex will also be the emblem the signature of the real estate revival on Pie-IX.

Indeed, ALINÉA symbolizes the major makeover in progress, and its architecture makes it a flagship project of contemporary Montréal-Nord, which is taking shape. “It is part of the grand vision of Montréal-Nord 2020, a public initiative that will give the borough a dynamic modern look, making it even more green, attractive and friendly,” said Gilles Deguire, Montréal-Nord borough mayor. “In terms of housing, public transportation, parks and the environment, our public amenities and our local services are constantly being enhanced to give citizens a better quality of life,” he added.

A modern and dynamic complex
The ALINÉA complex includes 108 units distributed into a single 10-storey building. Units range in size from 688 to 1,164 square feet as follows:

  • 36 units with one bedroom with average area of 762 square feet
  • 63 units with two bedrooms with average area of 970 square feet
  • 9 units with three bedrooms with average area of 1164 square feet

The project will be built by Les Constructions Maxera, in collaboration with Atelier d’architecture Saroli Palumbo and the engineering firm Genius Conseil. Most of the units will have a large balcony. They will be equipped with ceramic kitchens and bathrooms as well as engineered wood flooring with an acoustic membrane. Units located from the fourth floor up will offer an unobstructed and impressive view of Montréal.

With its combination of urban grey, earth tones and bold red, and its metal, polished glass and brick contrasting with the cubic structures grafted to the ensemble, along with balconies that are harmoniously interspersed, ALINÉA makes a modern and dynamic statement.

About the Accès Condos program
Since its inception in 2005, the SHDM Accès Condos program has helped more than 3,000 households to acquire a quality property at a very competitive price while staying in Montréal. This program does even more, because it contributes to the revitalization of neighborhoods in a sustainable way, by creating dynamic living environments.

The popularity the Access Condos stems from the 10% purchase credit buyers receive, which enables them to reduce their down payment to only $1,000 while at the same time lowering their mortgages. Since the program’s inception, the SHDM has signed 25 agreements with 18 developers.
About the Société d’habitation et de développement de Montréal (SHDM)
The SHDM contributes to the economic and social development of the Ville de Montréal through the enhancement of residential, institutional, industrial, commercial and cultural real estate assets in the city’s territory. It is a key partner of the Ville de Montréal in the implementation of its policies and the achievement of its objectives.