Everyone is eligible, whether you are first-time buyer or already an owner. You only have to pay a deposit of $1,000 and the SHDM will advance you the 10% down payment required to purchase an accredited Accès Condos unit.

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Past projects

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La Fabrique 125

The only Accès Condos accredited project of its kind, this former industrial building has been completely renovated to offer 192 loft-type condos of one or two bedrooms.

125 Rue Chabanel Ouest, Montréal
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Faubourg Contrecoeur (4)

Phase 4 of the Faubourg Contrecoeur project, whose construction was completed in 2014, numbers 128 units. The townhouse-type units are spread over 8 buildings of 16 units each.

5372 Rue Gabrièle-Frascadore, Montréal
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Encompassing a total of 108 condominiums spread over ten floors, the Alinéa project was completed in 2013. Architecturally speaking, the combination of earthy grey and red colours, mixed with metal, brick and polished glass, gives a very modern look to the building.

10011 Pie-IX Boulevard, Montréal-Nord
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Le Via3

The Via3 numbers 42 condominiums, apartments on one or two levels and townhouse-style units built on three levels. They are divided up in three buildings of three or four storeys.

738 1re Ave, Lachine
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VersO 2

Completed in 2012, the six-storey building is located in the heart of Lachine borough and its construction followed that of Phase 1 which was finalized a few months before.

2305 Rue Remembrance, Montréal
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