Everyone is eligible for the standard option. Whether you are a first-time buyer or already an owner, you need to pay a deposit of only $1,000 and the SHDM will advance you the 10% down payment required to purchase an accredited Accès Condos, standard option unit.

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Faubourg Contrecoeur Phase 5

95 Accès Condos accredited condos where affordability and functionality go hand in hand

The project, whose construction was completed in 2018 in the Mercier–Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough, project offers 95 affordable condominium units featuring one to five bedrooms. There are 52 two-bedroom units, 22 three-bedroom, 18 one-bedroom, two four-bedroom and one five-bedroom. As whole, it comprises six floors with two elevators. Its contemporary design blends harmoniously with the surrounding built environment thanks to a play of subtle architectural volumetry. The contrast of the colours of the masonry brings character to the project. The full-height windows provide exceptional luminosity in each unit and many enjoy a view of the park Carlos D’Alcantara, located right in front of the project.

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When the quality of city living contributes to curbing urban sprawl

Faubourg Contrecoeur is a truly innovative residential neighbourhood for families. The urban park Carlos-d’Alcantara and its comprehensive facilities (mini-soccer field, climbing wall, exercise equipment for adults and seniors, play areas for children and teenagers, water play park, basketball court, bike path, table tennis tables, rest and picnic areas, well-lit pedestrian trails, chalet and slope for sledding in winter) contribute to the quality of life of the neighbourhood. Residents also benefit from excellent accessibility thanks to the proximity of highways 40 and 25 and Honoré-Beaugrand métro station.
The Accès Condos accredited units of Faubourg Contrecœur meet the objectives of the Ville de Montréal by offering families an affordable alternative to buy their home and live in Montréal while curbing urban sprawl and the migration to the suburbs.



  • SEC Merlin Contrecoeur450 928-1906

[email protected] https://www.merlin-immobilier.qc.ca/


  • EBC inc418 872-0600

[email protected] https://www.ebcinc.com/


  • Ruccolo Faubert Architectes514 527-1391

[email protected] https://atelier-rfa.squarespace.com/

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