Everyone is eligible for the standard option. Whether you are a first-time buyer or already an owner, you need to pay a deposit of only $1,000 and the SHDM will advance you the 10% down payment required to purchase an accredited Accès Condos, standard option unit.

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2-3-bedroom condos in the 6th and final phase of the project accredited by Accès Condos across from Carlos-D’Alcantara park – Fall 2019 delivery

Only a few weeks after the delivery of the Faubourg Contrecœur Phase 5 project units, the last Accès Condos accredited condominium units in this neighbourhood is on sale in the Faubourg Contrecœur Phase 6 project. The sales office is located just across the street from the construction site at 9500 rue Myra-Cree. The project is already under construction and delivery of the units is scheduled for fall 2019.

To reserve your 2-3-bedroom unit, just go to the sales office on Saturday and Sunday (no appointment necessary)! Have your choice of units made and bring your cheque book to sign your reservation agreement and write a cheque for $1,000 payable to the developer: SEC Merlin-Contrecoeur.

Some articles (in French only)

A choice of 2-3-bedroom units in 70 affordable, quality condos in Montréal

This residential project offers 70 affordable condo units with 1-4 bedrooms. There are 5 one-bedroom units (100% sold), 20 two-bedroom units, 42 three-bedroom units and 3 four-bedroom units (100% sold). In addition, 15 of the three- and four-bedroom units are maisonettes—two- storey, cottage-style units. In total, 64% of the units in the project have three or more bedrooms and 92% of the units have two or more bedrooms!

Also, thanks to the Accès Condos accreditation, all buyers, whether first-time buyers or not, benefit from a purchase credit of 10% of the value of their condo, thereby reducing their down payment to $1,000 as well as their monthly mortgage payments. More information on the terms and conditions of the financial tool may be found in the “The program” section of our site or use the “Do your calculations” tool (at the top right-hand side of that page).

Minimum price (tax included, before purchase credit):

  • 1-bedroom units starting at $140,000 – 100% SOLD
  • 2-bedroom units starting at $220,000 – 90% SOLD
  • 3-bedroom units starting at $272,000 – 90% SOLD
  • 4-bedroom units starting at $322,000 – 100% SOLD


Select the floor of your choice and navigate through the floor plans to view each unit plan.


In short...
  • 70 units
  • 7 floors
  • 2 elevators
  • 46 indoor parking spaces
  • 5 one-bedroom units
  • 20 two-bedroom units
  • 42 three-bedroom units
  • 3 four-bedroom units
  • 15 units on two floors (among the 3- and 4-bedroom units)
In short...
  • New neighbourhood that has been developing for a decade
  • In front of the Carlos-d’Alcantara Park and its many amenities (mini-soccer field, climbing wall, water games, basketball court, table tennis, slope for winter sliding …)
  • Opening of a daycare centre (CPE) in June 2018 including a nursery
  • Daycare centre opened since June 2018, including a nursery
  • Pharmacy and breakfast restaurant open since summer 2018

Condos located in a Montréal neighbourhood combining friendliness and tranquility

Located in a haven of peace in the Montréal borough of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, this project is aimed at all those who dream of reconciling the advantages of living in the city while enjoying calm, space and a friendly neighbourhood life. In less than ten years, this young neighbourhood was expanded gradually and the developers placed the quality of life of its residents at the heart of their concerns. Today, there are plenty of green and recreational areas, a bus network, ideal accessibility thanks to major access roads and a mix of dwellings including condos, semi-detached houses, the Station Est residential complex and four housing co-op. Local services and shops are gradually being set up with the opening of a daycare centre, a pharmacy and a breakfast restaurant on rue De Contrecœur several months ago.

Buying new in a quality project where affordability and functionality go hand in hand

The project as a whole consists of seven floors with two elevators. Its contemporary design blends harmoniously into the surrounding built environment through a subtle interplay of volume. The contrast in the colours of the brick and stonework adds character to the project and is in keeping with the Faubourg Contrecoeur Phase 5 project, located on the other side of rue Myra-Cree.

The full-height windows provide outstanding brightness in each of the units. Since the neighbourhood is located north of rue Sherbrooke and a little higher up, the occupants of Faubourg Contrecœur Phase 6 enjoy an unobstructed view overlooking the South Shore of Montréal, Mont-Saint-Bruno and Mont-Saint-Hilaire. This is what makes the Faubourg Contrecœur so appealing—to live in the city, but in a peaceful environment.

The 46 parking spaces are located in the basement, all on the same floor, freeing up as much outdoor space as possible for landscaping, while helping to eliminate heat islands.

Inside, the interior layout has been designed to save space and offer more flexibility and functionality to future occupants. For example, in the bathrooms, the bathtubs are located behind the shower, for optimal space.

Why choose an Accès Condos accredited condo in the Faubourg Contrecœur neighbourhood?

Because it is a quality project that benefits from the Accès Condos accreditation

Thanks to the Accès Condos accreditation of the project, you profit from a purchase credit equivalent to 10% of the price of your unit to reduce your down payment to $1,000 as well as your monthly instalments. You buy an affordable quality unit directly from the developer SEC Merlin Contrecœur. And thanks to the Accès Condos accreditation, you benefit from a guaranteed delivery date for your unit because the developer doesn’t need to wait to sell a part of the units before launching the construction, contrary to non accredited projects.

To learn more about the terms and conditions of this financial tool, see the Program section.

Because the neighbourhood has reached maturity

Ten years ago, Faubourg Contrecœur simply did not exist and this huge, 380,000 m² site was just vacant land. Today, it is a vibrant, diversified living environment focused on quality of life. The first five phases accredited by Accès Condos were delivered between 2010 and 2018 and welcomed nearly 600 families. Four co-operative projects and numerous townhouses have also been built here, bringing the number of residents in the neighbourhood to over 1,500 and the Station Est seniors’ complex has diversified the neighbourhood even more. Today, a daycare centre and a number of services, shops and other commercial establishments are gradually opening and making the neighbourhood even more lively and attractive.

Because this location saves you time

Located in the East end of Montréal, near highways 40 and 25 and a few minutes from the Honoré-Beaugrand metro station, the area offers a prime location and its residents do not waste time and money on a daily basis in the traffic or crossing bridges. Because it is serviced, among others, by bus route # 26, by cycle paths and Communauto, it is not uncommon to find households who have opted for the acquisition of a property in Montréal rather than spending money on the maintenance costs of a second vehicle.

Learn more about the Société de transport de Montréal (STM)‘s offer :

  • 10 minutes max service (on Sherbrooke) : 187
  • Express service (on Sherbrooke) : 486, 487, 430
  • Local service : 26 (on de Contrecœur), 186 (on Sherbrooke), 85, 141 and 185 (on des Ormeaux)
Because the park Carlos-D’Alcantara and the esplanades in the neighbourhood offer an unprecedented and friendly space to play, relax, practise your favourite sport and socialize

The Carlos-D’Alcantara Park, inaugurated in September 2013, has an area of 45,000 m² (400,000 sq. ft.). It is the centrepiece of the district Faubourg Contrecœur and the hub of neighbourhood living for its inhabitants. Honouring a pioneer in horticulture in Québec, the park boasts over 600 varieties of plants and a wide variety of amenities adapted to the activities of each season (soccer, basketball, climbing wall, exercise modules, playground, bicycle path, lit trails, chalet, etc.).

Two esplanades, between De Contrecœur and Duchesneau streets, facing the park, are equipped with lighting, plantings and street furniture and offer additional green spaces for the residents.

Because a daycare centre and a number of shops and commercial establishments are gradually opening

The Les Étoiles du Faubourg daycare centre moved to Faubourg Contrecœur in June 2018. It has 130 places including a nursery with 10 places. A pharmacy and a breakfast restaurant have opened on the ground floor of the Station-Est residence, at the entrance to the neighbourhood, and several chain stores have also planned to open in 2019 in the neighbourhood’s commercial area, at the corner of Sherbrooke. A grocery store, a gas station and several restaurants are planning to open here as well.

Several quality schools are located in Mercier-Est, including Armand-Lavergne, Boucher-de-la-Bruyère, Dunton, La Vérendrye, Saint-Justin, Sainte-Louise-de-Marillac and others that offer a variety of educational programs (immersion, science, an international program, robotics, entrepreneurship…).


  • SEC Merlin Contrecoeur450 928-1906

info@merlin-immobilier.qc.ca https://www.merlin-immobilier.qc.ca/


  • EBC inc418 872-0600

ebc@ebcinc.com https://www.ebcinc.com/


  • Ruccolo Faubert Architectes514 527-1391

info@rfa-architectes.com https://atelier-rfa.squarespace.com/

Buying new in a quality project where affordability and functionality go hand in hand…